Bed and breakfast - Château Rhône Alpes

The history of the Château d'Origny

The Château d'Origny, which lies just outside Roanne in the Rhône Alpes region, was built towards the end of the sixteenth century by the very wealthy Jean Dongui,

a Roanne earthenware manufacturer who at the time must have been the richest man in the town – and even the region.

In 1690, shortly after it was built, Origny passed by marriage into the Luzy-Couzan family, whose arms decorate the pediment on the eastern façade. The château changed hands several times before the Revolution, when it was sold to the Foudras family.

In the early nineteenth century, amid growing enthusiasm for spa waters, Théodore Louis-Auguste de Foudras, who was to become a talented local writer by 1850, had analyses conducted on mineral water taken from several sources not far from the château. With the approval of the Academy of Medicine, a business was launched and a small spa was even created.

The family held on to Origny until 1909, when it was sold to the Comtesse de Grassin, whose daughter was murdered on 7 August 1935 on the ground floor of the château. This tragic case generated much media interest at the time, and remains a mystery to this day.

The countess sold the estate in 1938 to Bishop Marius Chalve, who established a retirement community for Polish nuns which lasted until 1958. Origny then became the property of the Matt family before being sold again in 2007 to the De Clippel family, who renovated the château in order to open luxury bed-and-breakfast accommodation.