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Our dear neighbor "La maison troisgros"


Here is the story of a family as there are not many. This family is the pride of our region by its notoriety, four generations. At Château d'Origny, we have the joy of having them as neighbors. We are talking here about the Troisgros family, family of four generations of presence in the field of cooking.

In 1930, Jean-Baptiste and Marie Troisgros left Chalon-sur-Saône to settle in Roanne where they take over the Hotel des Platanes, opposite the station. Jean and Pierre will be born of this union. Bathed in this universe they will take the furnaces of the family home in the early 1950s. In 1956, they get their first Michelin star. In 1962, they make talk about them by imagining the famous Salmon with sorrel. In 1965, they get their second star and the third in 1968.In 1996 and after some adventures Pierre and his wife Olympe retire and they are at the head of the House Troisgros. In 2006, it is the opening of CMT in Tokyo. In 2008 Michel and Marie-Pierre, his wife, opened the Colombier Hill. A place marrying beautifully modernity in the countryside.

Caesar, the eldest son of Marie-Pierre and Michel, after his "grand tour" that took him from California to Catalonia, joined the family home. in 2014, it is the family reunion in investment of a common project. The domain of Ouches is acquired; work begins in summer 2015 for an opening at the end of winter 2017 of the new house ..