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In the footsteps of Pralus

Famous throughout France and known in many countries of the world, the master chocolate maker François Pralus followed in the footsteps of his father Auguste Pralus.

Born in 1920 in the Loire, Auguste Pralus received in 1955 the title of best worker in France. It was also he who created, in the same year, the famous brioche with pink pralines : Praluline. Having become a real specialty of Lyon, the number of shops continues to increase.

The town of Roanne, from which Auguste and François Pralus hails, now has 2 shops in which you can find the famous brioches.

Find them at Halles Diderot and 8 rue Charles de Gaulle in the heart of Roanne to taste them.


Picture : chocolats-pralus.com