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Château d'Origny


1. It was in the 16th century that Jean Dongui, an extremely wealthy Roanne earthenware manufacturer, chose the verdant and wooded setting of the village of Ouches near Roanne in the Loire Département to build his château. In 1690, the Château d’Origny became, by marriage, the property of the Luzy-Couzan family whose coat of arms decorates the eastern façade. Today, the name Marquis de Luzy is associated with the château’s most prestigious suite.
Just before the Revolution, the château was sold to the de Foudras family. In the 19th century, the novelist Théodore Louis de Foudras drew inspiration from the area around Origny to introduce the themes of hunting, dogs and nature into French literature. He took advantage of people’s enthusiasm for spas to have the mineral waters from several sources not far from the château analysed. Approval from the Académie de Médecine made possible the exploitation of small sources with recognised therapeutic properties. This was the beginning of spa tourism and Origny, already a pioneer as regards tourism, opened its doors to people taking the waters whilst passing through.

2. The Comtesse de Grassin purchased in her turn the property in 1909 before selling it to Monseigneur Chalve, Bishop of Lyon who, in 1939, converted the château into a retirement home run by a community of Polish nuns until 1958.
Later, Origny became the property of the Matt family who were to live in it little and who parted with it in 2007, selling it to Melinda and Werner de Clippel. Then came a real renaissance for the château.
3. The current owners have literally transformed this building unoccupied since 1961 into a dream "Restaurant château", a peaceful and cosy place where luxury, comfort and refinement combine for the enjoyment of the guests.
Since leaving Belgium for the Roanne area, in this magnificent Côte roannaise with which they fell in love, Melinda and Werner have put all their energy, all their passion and all their know-how into making the Château d’Origny a unique place enjoyed by food lovers (link to video - France 3). In Belgium, Werner was a restaurant owner while Melinda loved bargain-hunting for furniture in antique shops. With Origny, both are now continuing to indulge their passions: cooking and decoration. Because their talent is only matched by their sense of hospitality, they will make your stay a unique experience.

The region

The Château d’Origny is located in the Loire Département close to Roanne.At the crossroads between the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Burgundy regions, Roanne will surprise you with its many facets.

Greater Roanne offers incredible diversity as regards tourism, culture, wine and cooking. It cultivates the art of "living well". This is certainly the reason why it is the home of great names like Auguste Pralus, the inventor of the famous brioche "La praluline" which is exported worldwide. Roanne is also inseparable from the Troisgros Restaurant which, for four generations, has contributed to making the Roanne area internationally known thanks to its unique cuisine. In 2017, the celebrated three-star restaurant left its historic location opposite Roanne Railway Station, moving to the countryside near the town. They chose the much prized Côte roannaise, where Melinda and Werner de Clippel had set up their Restaurant at the Château d’Origny a few years earlier. They are now just 3 kilometres from each other.
Although it has over 2,000 years of history, Roanne is a town which is decidedly looking to the future and has been having a facelift for several years.

Its Joseph Déchelette Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology contains remarkable works and an exceptional Egyptian collection, and houses high-quality temporary exhibitions. Roanne’s marina and the ongoing improvements on the banks of the River Loire encourage you to wander while its town centre boasts new retailers and has a shopping centre project which will soon link the pedestrianised streets.
The Côte roannaise, an oasis of greenery at the foot of the vines, promises you beautiful walks in the heart of the vineyards, walks which you will be able to continue in the Loire Gorges or along the Canal.

Unexpected and charming for people who know how to look at it, Roanne is now just 1 hour from Lyon via the A89 motorway, and also very close to the spa town of Vichy. It is an unmissable stopover between Moulins, Clermont-Ferrand and Saint-Etienne.

The team

Melinda and Werner de Clippel are happy to welcome you to their château and will do everything possible to make your stay unforgettable. For his cooking, Werner selects seasonal produce and uses it with talent.

The team

Werner & Melinda De Clippel